Why Your Business Should Be Going Live on Social Media

Angelia/ July 19, 2021/ Social Media Marketing/ 0 comments

It is no secret that the many social media platforms are all useful for marketing your business. Although, many business owners fail to realize that there is a secret antidote. That is using social media to the fullest extent, which includes going Live. Not only will going Live help a business engage with their current followers but, it also gives them a chance to reach potential new followers. Why would you want more followers? Followers = Potential Clients = Thriving Business

So you may be asking yourself: What will I even say if I decide to go Live? The barrier everyone struggles with when deciding to go live. It is crucial to keep in mind that you are streaming to your active followers and even people interested in your business. Most of whom are rooting for you!

When deciding which platform to stream on, you should keep in mind that each one may work better with a different approach. Instagram is the most fun to Live stream on, to me. Most of the time, Instagram Live-streamed in a relaxed and chatty aspect. Whereas a more professional platform like LinkedIn streamed in a more business-oriented style. Facebook and Periscope’s Live-stream approaches are very similar. These two platforms Live-stream in a more business casual manner. Whether you decide to Live stream in a laid back or business style, here are a few ideas for getting started:

  1. Q&A (question and answers)
  2. Give away
  3. Invite a guest to join the Live with you

The best part about going Live on social media is the ability to share the Live-stream to your regular feed. Posting to your page’s feed can be helpful, especially when you said something you wanted more people to hear or you feel you didn’t get enough engagement 

in your stream. Try not to be discouraged if not very many people have joined your stream. Instagram and Facebook both work to help you during the process. Both platforms send a notification letting your followers know when you are Live streaming. 

So, once you work up the courage to live stream, the process will only get easier. After all, the process should help to grow and maintain current client relations. While also expanding the number of clients your business has.

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