Why Repair Shops Are Perfect for Google Ads

Amos Hernandez/ August 30, 2020/ Device Needs, Google Business/ 0 comments

Google Ads

Social media marketing is one of the more popular ways to promote a business, but did you know that you could also promote your business with Google Ads? 

Repair shops especially are going to benefit from marketing with Google because you can bring more exposure to your store, without printing flyers ever again.  Last year, online marketing for paid advertisement was up 54% and it’s not stopping there. It has been reported that digital ad spending is already up a 2.4% and is expected to reach 17% by the end of the year. While these numbers grow, so should your content and marketing strategies.

Google has made it easier than ever to market your business and become one of the top searches. 

When people look for a “repair shop” or need to “fix my screen” or look for “phone repair in my area” your shop should be one of the top results. Not only are you able to have your business gain exposure, but paying customers. People want to find good quality places for repairs, so even if you are a great repair shop, if you’re not at the top, you could lose customers.  

It’s time to move ahead and not be left behind. 

Market your business and if you need help and don’t know where to start. Contact us and we’ll help you out.

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