Which Social Media Platform is Right for You?

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As you might imagine, Snapchat appeals to a slightly younger audience than most other platforms, and allows for one-on-one interactions to create a more personalized engagement experience. Currently, though, Snapchat for Business doesn’t enable you to learn very much about how your content performs. There are also no options to share ad content, and many marketers predict a decline in Snapchat popularity.


With 2.7 billion (yes, billion) monthly active users, Facebook enables marketers to reach almost any audience imaginable. While every age group is present on the platform, roughly two-thirds of US adults report being Facebook users. Facebook makes it easy to target niche audiences based on interests, but can take some time to learn. That being said, there are thousands of free resources to help you learn how to navigate Facebook Ads.


Since Instagram is owned by Facebook, this platform allows for similarly impressive targeting of niche audiences. But since the introduction of Instagram stories, daily use has skyrocketed and continues to perform well. Instagram Stories offers unique opportunities for brands to engage with their audience, though users tend to prefer high-quality graphics and trendy aesthetics.


LinkedIn reigns superior when it comes to professional contacts and networking within and outside of your industry. If you’re looking to connect with like-minded professionals or colleagues, LinkedIn makes it relatively easy to find and establish a community based on commonalities like employer, industry, location, experience, and more. B2B content performs well on LinkedIn, though it does have fewer users than the other platforms we’ve discussed.


Each of these platforms offer a range of opportunities. Remember, you do not have to just choose one. Many of the best businesses take advantage of each platform and often reach a more broad audience.

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