How 15 Year Old Son of Uneducated immigrant

Made Father a Millionaire.

(With Just One Wireless Store)

It’s true my little wireless store in a sketchy South Saint Louis neighborhood made me a millionaire. And it was all because I noticed what my lazy 15 year old was doing every day. I didn’t come to the US with money, and I was never accused of being some kind of genius.

I’m the second youngest of seven kids, my brothers have fancy degrees. I’m competing with a Doctor and an Engineer but I was horrible in school. My only grade higher than a C was in gym class. Maybe I have a learning disability, but I don’t know, back then everyone just figured I was lazy or stupid.

I came to America in my early 20’s and had no idea what I was going to do. No plan, I just knew I had to be here. I had a highschool education, no real skills and my English wasn’t exactly perfect. So I took the only job I could find. I worked the register at a dingy convenience store. I sat behind bulletproof glass in a neighborhood where half of the buildings were boarded up. The owner, Mr. Kim, let me stay in the apartment above the store. But that was really an excuse to pay me less than minimum wage. I have some strange memories of exposed wires and roach infestations in that place. It wasn’t exactly what I imagined when I came to the US!