Surviving & Thriving Beyond the Pandemic with Social Media

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You’ve heard it before: We’re in the midst of the digital age. It’s unlikely that we’ll ever return to an era that doesn’t idolize the powerful little boxes otherwise known as cell phones. But, we’re also in the midst of a pandemic, and as businesses face unprecedented challenges to stay afloat, it can be hard to justify an investment of resources into social media for your business or a social strategy. Maybe it’s because things like sales, promotions, or pumping out new products/services feels like more of a priority. But there’s one thing that marketing experts picked up on back in March of 2020, and it’s the secret to not just surviving, but thriving during the current pandemic. So what’s the secret? Social media is more important than ever.

While we hope 2021 holds more exciting (and less contagious) things than a virus, the truth is that the current pandemic has permanently altered the way people do business. Somehow, the world has become even more obsessed with convenience, accessibility, and entertainment, which means the small businesses that will withstand the pandemic have relied on social media to adapt. Whether your old ways look a lot like billboards, print campaigns, unappreciated signage, or mailers, it’s not too late to turn the page in the new year.

So how can you leverage social media to stay afloat and boost your business in the new year, despite any regulations or restrictions threatening to hold you back? Invest in a social media strategy. If you’ve got even a sliver of a marketing budget left, don’t waste it on old methods. Read up on the latest trends, engagement strategies, and platforms that might align best with your business and industry, and then get started. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but you MUST be accessible on social media in 2021.

Make a schedule to post or share updates on your business, your plans, and let customers know how they can access you during the pandemic. Do you offer appointment time slots? Maybe your hours have changed. These basic updates make great content for your first few posts. Then, create a strategy or work with a professional to create a strategy that works for you and your business.

If your business is already active on social media, and you’re looking for new ways to level up your existing strategy, follow a few successful, like-minded businesses in your industry for inspiration, search for profiles that offer free valuable social media guidance, or work with a professional to build upon your social media foundation to find continued success in the new year. Just don’t be fooled by anybody who says social media isn’t the way to be successful in 2021 and beyond.

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