We capture customer attention on social media for cellphone stores. Allowing them to succeed in today’s challenging markets.

Capturing ATTENTION and building relationships keeps good customers coming and brings new customers through the doors. Remove the hard work of getting attention on social media because you have the right tool for the job.

Ryan is a developer and engineer whose experience working with major social platforms sparked the idea of doing something different. Creating something that would provide value to regular local business owners, because he saw the potential and the need, but all of the tools and solutions out there seemed to be reserved for big tech companies and major corporations.

He knew he was on to something, and how to turn the idea into reality, but he wasn’t sure about how to put it in the hands of the people who needed it the most, the small local business owners that he really wanted to help. 

Ahmed has been in the wireless industry for over 20 years, starting with retail stores, before becoming a Master Agent for some of the nation’s largest brands. His business became helping local retailers succeed. 

After years of consistent growth in the wireless market, sales in stores across the country started to flatten out, but there were specific stores that weren’t feeling the effects of the changing market. There existed a small group of local stores that were thriving while many were struggling to stay in business. It was more than a trend. 

These stores, with different owners, products and locations shared one thing in common. A strong active presence on Social Media. That was the connection, so Ahmed was determined to find a way to make Social Media Marketing the norm instead of the exception in the wireless industry. 

These two putting their experience, knowledge and vision together has made UPPLUCK a reality.