How to Rise while Others Fall

Ahmed Abusharbain/ January 2, 2021/ Opinion/ 0 comments

Start With Your Why

“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it” – Simon Sinek 

While many business owners and retailers are focused on simply staying alive and keeping the lights on, it’s important to find time to consider why you’re passionate about what you do. Why do you do it? How do you hope to serve your customers? Putting your “WHY” in front of your followers and customers is an easy way to build trust and connection, and a good way to remind yourself why you started. If nothing else, bringing your “why” to the surface will help you recharge and stay motivated.

Engage Your Employees

It’s no secret that we’re all a little checked out lately. The start of a new year can provide us with a fresh opportunity to reframe our approach to life, work, and business as usual. Find time to engage your employees with team building exercises, small gifts to say thank you for showing up, or a fireside chat to just keep it real. Talking about the challenges we face at work and at home is important, and providing a safe space to express those concerns is a crucial part of creating a comfortable work environment. Help your people feel good about showing up, make sure they know you care about them and their wellbeing.

Maximize Your Marketing

Don’t sell yourself short by neglecting your marketing strategy in 2021. How will your customers know or remember that you exist if you don’t tell them or show them? Social media is the key to successful marketing in the new year, so don’t neglect to invest your time and energy into a campaign series that showcases all of the best and most unique pieces of your business. Zero in on an air-tight social media strategy that engages your audience and attracts new followers and fans in your community.

Standing out among others and differentiating yourself from the competition can feel intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. Don’t just survive in 2021…thrive!

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