How To Market Your Business By Getting Back To The Basics

Angelia/ July 27, 2021/ Opinion, Social Media Marketing/ 0 comments

Growing your business through marketing can be challenging. But is it only as problematic as we make it? Many business owners will toss themselves to the wolves if it means their business will grow. But, what if marketing your business could be as simple as getting back to the basics?

Unfortunately, business owners have steered away from what they can offer their consumers. Now, many think about what they can get from the consumer. How and why did business owners get so far away from the fundamentals?

On July 21, 2021, we hosted our first webinar event of the series. We had business owner Freddy Kostjerevac as a special guest. Freddy is an ex-MMA fighter turned personal trainer and gym owner. Ahmed Abusharbain, Uppluck CEO, asked Freddy how he continued his business through the pandemic.

Freddy explained that he realized when all of the gyms were closing that he had to adapt in ways he had not thought of before. Freddy went onto say that he had to find a way to reinvent himself and his brand. If his company was going to survive the pandemic, Freddy had to think outside the box. Freddy explained how he started virtual training with his clients through an app he developed and even going to their homes to offer them weights if they did not have any. He also went so above and beyond that he would get groceries for or with his clients.

Freddy had found a service that people needed and asked for he did not try and provide them with something that is already accessible to them. Freddy found a way to contribute more value to his clients aside from what he had already promised them. Rather than giving up, he decided to get back to the basics and see what he could offer to the clients. Along with keeping his business alive during the pandemic, Freddy also found a forward new market that will help him evolve.

Do you want your business to stand out in today’s rapidly evolving digital marketing space? If yes, take a step back and examine how your business can get back to basics.

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