Dan Adkisson



Dan Adkisson joined UPPLUCK in 2019 and quickly found his way almost into every corner of what we do.

His true motivation is his son, who can occasionally be spotted in a meeting room at the office trying to connect his Nintendo Switch to Wifi, but Dan feels at home at UPPLUCK, as he puts it: 

“…because we are using marketing strategies and multiple channels to benefit small business owners and entrepreneurs when those channels and the access to customers that comes with them seem to be completely dominated by giant corporations with endless resources”. 

Dan’s roles at UPPLUCK include Copywriting, Editing, OnBoarding, Account Management, as well as the establishment, implementation and evaluation of  Marketing and Business Development Strategies, just to name a few. He earned a BA in Communication Studies with a minor in Sociology, focusing on interaction in social settings and how human experience and emotion affect our understanding of communication.