5G Built Right

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Ultra Wideband is slowly becoming accessible to every location. 5G is still faster than ever. Since the Pandemic, the number of people working from home is around 42% nationwide as of June of 2020. Although many people have been able to go back to work, some will never have the normalcy of an office 9-5 job ever again. While the nation continues to recover and move into this new way of living, having a fast and reliable 5G network can make or break your workflow. 

Many businesses needing platforms like Zoom find that 5G is ideal for the number of meetings they have and even just for their daily internet needs. Between the kids homeschooling, streaming the latest movies, and finding the latest banana bread recipe, 5G is going to ensure that you never miss a beat. Gone are the days of asking “can you hear now?” with the fast connection of 5G. It’s only a matter of time until Ultra Wideband is available in your city and soon your home. 

5G Ultra Wideband is moving and expanding as we speak. So what does it mean for cities like St. Louis, Los Angeles, and Miami? It means faster internet, of course. In order to get that moving faster, what you’re going to be seeing is a lot more “work” being done in neighborhoods and around your town, or city, but the overall connection is just beginning. Even though we live in a generation that is demanding the “instant” amenities (like wifi), having fast internet speeds is not the same as needing your new pair of shoes delivered tomorrow. Fast internet means faster connections, and in a world where everything is so desperate for fast, 5G Ultra Wideband is making it easier to connect for virtual doctor visits & making sure your audio doesn’t lag on your zoom meeting for work. 

So be on the lookout for more traffic in your area, but faster connections due to the new 5G Ultra Wideband connections.

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