5 Common Errors Businesses Make On Social Media

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  1. Buying Likes and Followers

If you haven’t heard already, there are thousands of websites that will sell you followers, likes, and even comments. The way they do this is, after you pay, they send thousands of fake accounts to your page to like and follow your content. The problem with this is… these bots won’t buy your product. They won’t shop around your store. All they do is create fake numbers. Successful social media brands connect with real people. It is not instant, but at the end of the day you know that all your followers are real potential customers.

        2. Posting Too Much or Too Little

Post too little on your page, and customers will forget about your brand… post too much, and you will look desperate or annoying. Finding the right amount of content to post on a social media page is a tedious task. There is no magic number on how many times you need to post, it depends on your market, brand, and audience. Fox News might be fine posting multiple times in a day, but a local bank might see success posting 1 or 2 times a week. Our suggestion is to start off posting frequently. Using an analytic tool, see what time and day has the most engagement on your posts and based on that data, create a schedule.

         3. Having No Strategic Plan

Most people create their business page and begin posting random store pictures and store promotions. Without having a set goal. Are you wanting more online sales? More store traffic? More online followers? You have to know your destination before you start driving. 

        4. Not Replying to Customers

The beauty of social media is that it is a two-way street. Businesses can share their message to everyone, and anyone can also comment their thoughts on that message. The problem comes when a business don’t respond to those comments and questions. Why? Because it sends a bad message to the user commenting, and everyone else who sees. You need to respond to every comment! Even if it is a short one word response.

        5. Posting Boring Content (only ads)

Probably the most common (and most important) mistake made. Let me ask you this. Do you like when they cut to commercials during your favorite show? Would you pick up a newspaper filled with only ads? Do you like seeing an ad before a Youtube Video? The answer is no. No one likes seeing ads. The same thing goes on social media. No one is going to follow a page that only posts boring ads and promotions. So how can you advertise your product/service on social media without spamming users with ads? The answer… give people a reason to follow. Give them content with value

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